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Key Reason Why You Easily Give Up Pursuing Your Goals and Dreams

How to Stay Focus and Achieve Your Goals and Dreams Faster

What is your most effective self-motivation strategy to take action achieve results? Many times I get discouraged about my dreams and even stop pursuing my goals. Sometimes I don’t feel like working on my dream. Which get delayed and even abandoned altogether. Incomplete and abandoned goals usually make me feel discouraged, especially when I see others living my dream. I sometimes feel insecure about my inability to achieve a result.

Take a moment to reflect on how motivated and enthusiastic you are about taking action to achieve your goals. See if you have the habit of abandoning or forget to take action to do what is important to manifest your dream. It is very challenging to stay focus on your dream if your desire and needs are not deeply impressed in your subconscious mind.

It is very hard to take consistent action and persist to achieve a goal and big dreams. Motivation is the key driving force that propels people to take action. The key to motivation is a desire to fulfill a need. It will be very challenging for you to achieve your goals and dreams if you fail to consistently take actions.

Fulfilling a need is the primary factors that ignite the desire to take action to fulfill the need. There will be no motivation without a desire to fulfill a need. You must clearly define your needs to help you lay a foundation to build your daily self-motivation.

Tony Robbins Six Human Needs

Tony Robbins an American performance coach and consultant states the six basic human needs that ignite motivation.

  1. Need for Certainty
  2. Need for Variety
  3. Need for Significance
  4. Need for Love and Connection
  5. Need for Growth
  6. Need for Contribution

You must learn how the six human needs impact your behavior and self-esteem. Then associate your needs with your goals and dream. The secret to mastering self-motivation is to focus your mind on the reason why you need to fulfill your needs. When you focus your mind on the reason you have to achieve your need you will ignite a massive motivation to take action. Staying focus on your dreams will give you a sense of direction as you work towards your dream.

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