About Emanuel

Emanuel Shidali is a breakthrough strategist, creator of UBP technology and coach. He lived in London UK for over 9 years and migrated to Winnipeg, Canada in 2010 where he currently lives with his family. As a hopeless high school graduate that encountered disappointments from his dependable financial sources, Emanuel learned that nothing can stop him from achieving his dreams, that he has unlimited potential within, and ultimately discovered his purpose in life. He was able to overcome his self-doubt limitation, travel to the UK with $150 and completed his study costing over $180,000 debt free. He is living his life dream with his wife and three beautiful kids in Canada.

He has since then started on the journey of over 2 decades to discovering the secret of human potential to breakthrough to achieve more. Emanuel was able to discover the top secrets of the super achievers, created the breakthrough mastery formula system (UBP Technology). Emanuel shares his greatest discovery and lessons in his book and training programs that empowers his audience to breakthrough their self-doubt and fears to achieve more and unleash their potentials. Emanuel is a University of Portsmouth graduate with a Master’s Degree in Strategic Business IT. He also obtained his professional qualification in PRNCE2 Project Management, Program Management, ISEB Quality Assurance and as Prosci Change Management to help individuals and organization perform at their peak performance.

He studied under Jack Canfield coaching in his personal pursuit and passion to study under the foremost America’s #1 Success Coach. He successfully completed training in success principles and its application with the support of Jack’s coaches. He also studied famous and successful people, read hundreds of self-help and personal growth books for over 25 years. He investigated, analyzed and experimented with the proven disciplines, principles and tools for breakthrough barriers to peak performance.

Personal Development Author

Emanuel is a personal growth author. He successfully published his books, Ultimate Breakthrough and The Transformation Principles of Personal Success available for order on Amazon.com.

He also launched complementary resources and tools to help individual apply the principles and disciplines of high performers.

 Breakthrough Mastery Formula System

After studying and researching and experimented with the high performance and achievement principles and tools for over 20 years, Emanuel created the proven Breakthrough Mastery Formula called “UBP Technology” as a guide and tool to help people breakthrough barriers to achieve their peak performances. The UBP Technology was developed from the 7 fundamental disciplines, over 40 principles and 20 tools to help people awaken the quantum power to achieve high performance. It was developed with the intention to guide people to take control of their inner power and outer condition to play in the zone of power.

Founder of Parashift Group

He is the founder of Parashift Group, a personal development cooporation and online Achievers Personality Empowerment Community. The platform packed with an effective learning guide, resources and tools to master the top 7 fundamental disciplines of  Breakthrough Mastery Formula System to breakthrough to greater achievements.

 IT Consultant & Analyst

Emanuel has over 17 years’ experience working and consulting for corporate organization including fortune 500 company and Government agencies as an analyst in implementing multimillion dollars IT solution in the UK and Canada. He has consulted for Paradigm Consulting, Wawanesa Mutual Insurance, Manitoba ehealth, Acceo Solutions, London Hammersmith of Fulman, UK, Age Concern UK.

Piano & Keyboard Artist

Emanuel is a trained pianist and organist with experience performing as choir member and served as music leader in various organizations in the UK and Canada. He has passion for music and has dedicated his life to training and playing the piano and the keyboard. He has spent a portion of his time to teach piano students for the ABRSM exams in the UK. He has also contributed his time and talent of music as a volunteer serving as a music leader in Apostolic Faith Mission UK, Joy Fountain Winnipeg and other charity organization around the world.

Family Man

Emanuel’s passion and dedication for empowering personal growth is lived with his commitment for his family as a dedicated father of two children and a loving husband to his wife, Eunice Shidali.