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Emanuel's Story

Emanuel Shidali is a Breakthrough Strategist, Coach , and Author. He struggled to further his educational dream when his dependable sources failed to support him after high school. Emanuel was stuck for over 5 years in hopelessness with limited possibility to get the support to achieve his life dreams. Soon, he started reading self-help books on "thinking big." Soon, he traveled to the UK with only $150 in his wallet and completed his academic and professional qualifications costing over $180,000 - DEBT FREE. Emanuel invested much time reading over 500 self-help and spiritual books, listening to the self-growth video and audio programs. He even studied with the American #1 success coach, Jack Canfield. He discovered the top secrets of the super achievers and created the breakthrough mastery formula system.  He has successfully work as consultant for private and government organizations both in the UK and Canada, published two self-help books,created training and coaching programs, featured in radio shows and inspired and empower people to breakthrough their struggles. His mission is to see you too breakthrough to greater achievement in your personal and professional life.

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Ultimate Breakthrough New Book Release

New Thinking. New Achievement Guide

Breakthrough your struggles faster with the ultimate breakthrough high achievers discipline step-by-step guide. Are you fearful, confused, frustrated, doubtful. lack the confidence, and motivation to pursue your goals? Ultimate breakthrough show the key seven high performers disciplines and habits you need to develop to maximize your performance and full your destiny.



Breakthrough Formula, the Smart Way

Jumpstart your manifestation faculties offers you the ancient wisdom for manifesting your dreams. Whether you are already working on your dream or facing challenges blocking you from pursuing your dreams, this book will get you fired up to turn your dreams into reality. By mastering and applying these ancient wisdom, you will not only jumpstart your ability to achieve, but you will become empowered to fulfill your destiny.


Super Achiever Personality Mastery

The Spirit of Achievement

Get desired results and transform your life by awakening your personal power to perform faster and breakthrough point to high achievement! Discover your personal power and master it to unleash your potential.


Achiever Personality Coaching

Support. We Build Smiles

Increase your performance 10X faster with Emanuel's proven performance coaching program. Get an effective guide to uncover current and potential performance challenges. The UBP Technology coaching process is designed to support you to apply the solution to achieve high-performance faster. Emanuel is a passionate and skilled performance strategist. He has help individuals and organization create clear strategic objective and align their resources, energy and time to achieve it. Schedule your free coaching session now.


Achievers Personality Empowerment Community

Greater achievements. See More. Do more!

Unleash your super achievers personality to achieve your dreams and goals. Be empowered to unleash your potential, and connect with like minded people and be recognized for your achievement skills.


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